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Anchor is a super-simple, lightweight blog system, made to let you just write.


Anchor gives you full freedom over your words. Just write in Markdown or HTML, whatever you prefer.


Prefer your blog systems without the bloat? Anchor weighs in smaller than a standard JPG image (~150kb).


Want to add some custom CSS, JavaScript, or an image to your post? Just drag the file over to Anchor, and we'll do the rest.

Works in your language

Anchor is fully i18n compatible, so you can just grab a language file and get speaking Anchor in no time.

Super-simple theming

Creating and modifying a theme is as simple as knowing some very simple PHP and HTML/CSS.

SEO Features

Create and utilise custom theme hooks without the need for advanced programming knowledge.


You can add or remove an infinite amount of custom fields to any post or page at the click of a button.

Art-directed blogging

Make every article unique with the ability to add custom CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to any blog post or page.

Forever free

Anchor has been, is, and always will be 100% free of charge to everyone.

Markup made modern

To keep Anchor small, we only support the latest browsers — no more IE6/7/8.