CS-Cart is commercial eCommerce software for online multi-vendor marketplaces (like Amazon and eBay) as well as single-seller stores. Since 2005 it has powered over 35,000 online stores and is a proven platform for annual online revenues measured in millions. While CS-Cart requires a bit more horsepower than some of the other PHP-based carts we support, it runs considerably better than its open source enterprise competitors like Magento and is more merchant friendly than competitors like PrestaShop. Although its licensing costs are a bit more than open source alternatives, total cost of ownership tends to be considerably lower while allowing the same degree of customizability. Key differentiators for CS-Cart include:

  • support for multiple vendors
  • built-in support for many popular payment processors
  • a mature and well-thought-out fulfillment workflow
  • a full-featured "out of the box" experience
  • many reasonably priced add-ons
  • a well designed customer-facing site
  • a merchant friendly feature set

CS-Cart is unique in its ability to grow with your company and is our go-to solution for merchants who are not already heavily invested in an alternative shopping cart.