E-mail List Validation

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You have worked hard to build your email list and it's taken years. Did you know that your legacy accounts may actually be sabotaging your ability to get your message to the inbox?

People change ISPs, jobs, and e-mail providers on a regular basis and when they do, you're left with a "zombie" e-mail record. If you continue to send to these e-mail addresses, you are likely to impact your ability to reliably deliver e-mail to "real" boxes. You also don't want to throw away good subscriber e-mail addresses. That's where we come in! We have a comprehensive scrubbing process that leaves you with a squeeky clean mailing list with more engaged subscribers. We take our process further to get you the competitive edge... here's what we do:

1.) preliminary scan of your records for throw-away e-mail addresses
2.) MX scan that checks whether the e-mail address actually exists
3.) Record check to eliminate spam trap and bouncing e-mail addresses
4.) Post-delivery assessment to eliminate additional problem accounts

We can also provide reporting so that you know: whether account belongs to EU resident, timezone of recipient, and whether your recipient is actually reading your e-mail. We can provide additional scrubbing based on your response to this report.